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CLEANSE, an outstanding duty cleaner and degreaser for heavily contaminated surfaces. This fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly super duty cleaner and degreaser are developed to eliminate heavy contamination from porous and hard substrates.  It is ideal to be applied unprotected stone and concrete surfaces. With superb degreasing properties, this excellent cleaner will eliminate even the toughest oil and fuel stains.

Available in 5 Litres

A special two-component water based lacquer for the natural appearance of the wood floor ‘like untreated’, mat, micro rough, without colour enhancement.

  • Direct application without primer
  • Highly resistant to heavy wear
  • Especially low odour
  • For use by professionals
  • Easy to use
  • Without inherent yellowing.
  • Based on modern amine-free urethane dispersions.
  • Giscode W2/DD , low emissions and low odour.
  • Conforms to ÖNORM C 2354 class C.
  • Fire classification in accordance with EN 13501: oak treated with the product according to the parameters in EN 14342 (at least 8mm thick) glued onto screed is flame resistant corresponding to the fire classification C(fl)-s1 2

Suitable for the lacquer coating of wood and cork floors in all areas of use and wear. The raw wood effect ‘like untreated’ is attained only in direct application without having to use a separate primer. Optional priming the floor is possible with all strato primers. Approved for sealing areas primed by impregnation with euku oil 1 FS and euku color oil FS (*). Recommended for use on bright wood species. On dark substrates we recommend test patch beforehand due to brighten up appearance.