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Shield Technologiess Bio-Ex is designed to eliminate organic and microbiological growth contaminants from porous hard ground surfaces. This includes natural stone, cement, tarmac, brick, terracotta and more. This high performing and renovating cleaner is available as a light gel which will clean and provide surface protection from moss, lichen and algae.


  • Suitable for multiple uses on a variety of ground surfaces
  • Ready to use
  • High performing
  • Long-term protection
  • Does not contain solvents
  • No acid or caustic soda
  • Provides protection from Moss, Lichen and Algae

Available in 5 Litres

An oak antique lye conditioner for your floor.

Designer pre-treatment before oiling. Wooden floors treated with lye absorb oils particularly well. With coloured oils especially effective colour tones can be achieved.

Available in 5 Litres.

Orange MPC is a highly effective blend of environmentally friendly surfactants and citrus solvent which will safely remove oil, grease,  grime , stubborn marks and heavy soiling from most  hard surfaces including floors and walls

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Oxy-Klenza is a powerful oxygen based and chlorine free, safe , multi purpose stone floor cleaner for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for use on patios, kitchen and bathroom floors, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, stone cladding, walls, decking. Suitable for commercial or residential use .

Also available in twin packs.



Also available in 10 Litres IBC – POA

Remove Concrete & Cement build ups from all common substrates with ConClear.

ConClear is designed to remove concrete and cement residues without damaging the underlying substrate or posing a danger to user.

10 Litres

CLEANSE, an outstanding duty cleaner and degreaser for heavily contaminated surfaces. This fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly super duty cleaner and degreaser are developed to eliminate heavy contamination from porous and hard substrates.  It is ideal to be applied unprotected stone and concrete surfaces. With superb degreasing properties, this excellent cleaner will eliminate even the toughest oil and fuel stains.

Available in 5 Litres

Suitable for priming wood and parquet floors. Can be used with all Strato-sealers.


  • Provides protection for both internal and external surfaces
  • Suitable for all types of wood
  • Protection against all weather conditions, soiling or stains
  • Significantly reduces absorption of humidity
  • Protection against decay and UV degradation
  • Improved clean appearance of wood in the long term
  • Does not impact the surfaces finish, texture or aesthetics, appearance is natural
  • Invisible colour
  • Solvent free
  • Ready mixed and easy to apply
  • Almost odourless