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Clear spray mister bottle for multi purpose use.

High quality durable HD polyethylene bottle that has graduated measure on side making it easy for chemical dilution. With a ‘Pistol Grip’ and three finger trigger this spray bottle is a great accessory and is easy to use.

600ml Capacity.

Protect your Amtico luxury vinyl or wooden floors from scratches with Amtico International Felt Pads…

With 28 assorted felt pads available in various sizes, ideal for protecting Amtico flooring when applied to the base of furniture legs.

Can be used as supplied, or cut to size, the choice is yours!


Product available in twin pack for savings.


Specifically designed matting to be used at all entrances to help reduce the chance of  water, grit and dirt being walked onto your floor.
Available in three choices of colour – Charcoal / Conker / Caramel
As well as two different sizes – 750mm x 500mm / 750mm x 1000mm
  • Multi grip rubber backing
  • Super absorbent
  • Machine washable
  • 100% Non staining cotton

An economy amtico sealer applicator kit for the consistent even application of Amtico Floor Dressing. This system has been approved by Amtico as the most cost effective system for applying their dressing to larger areas. The system contains a 28L bucket with manual wringer plate for a flat mop, which enables control of the amount of dressing applied to the floor. The Kit also contains a mop frame, handle & microfibre applicator mop.

For a professional, streak free finish follow these instructions :

  1. Ensure floor is clean , dust free & dry. If already sealed – floor will need stripping
  2. Load seal into bucket & allow applicator to absorb seal.
  3. Use wringer plate to ensure applicator evenly charged.
  4. Apply a thin, even coat of dressing  – in a N to S direction
  5. Allow to dry – time required depends on ambient temperature
  6. Apply 2nd coat of dressing in an E to W direction to ensure complete coverage and protection for  your floor.
  7. Prohibit foot or wheeled traffic  until DRY

A high quality roller cage for the application of lacquers and oils, this roller cage is made to last and the build quality will not disappoint the user.


With interchangeable roller sleeves it can be altered for water based and oil finishes, please see our online store if you require water based or oil finishes.

25cm Roller sleeves for the application of water based finishes, perfectly balanced for the application of Eukula strato finishes.

Washable after use.

This kit comprises of a pad holder that will attach to a broom stale also brown, blue and white pads for removal of scuff marks and stubborn dirt.

(Broom stale not supplied)

Supplied in packs of 5. Range of colours available – white, blue, brown and black.

Pads for removal of scuff marks and stubborn dirt.

An economy dressing applicator for the consistent even application of Amtico Floor Dressing. This applicator has been approved by Amtico as the most cost saving system for applying their dressings over small areas.


Apply thin, even coats of dressing and obtain a truly professional finish!


The Applicator contains the following items:

Mop frame, handle and velcro backed looped cotton mop included in package

Additional mops can be purchased separately

Commercial grade microfibre mop kit includes aluminium telescopic handle (twist locking), aluminium mophead holder and 45cm microfibre mop (wet) and a dry static dust mop head for removing harmful dust and grit before cleaning. Suitable for use on all hard flooring. (WMF2/3/FS)

25cm Short pile roller sleeves for the application of oil-based finishes, perfectly balanced for the application of Eukula oil, hard wax oil finishes.]

Ideal for applying all types of Eukula Oil on Wooden Floors
Faster Oiling and quicker cleanup
Greater oil holding capacity
Woven fabric for a flawless finish
Covers evenly with minimal splatter

A specially contoured grout brush for scrubbing and cleaning bevel lines. When paired with Cleanse The stiff bristles will remove ground in dirt and leave bevels fresh and clean.

The brush is 9″ in length and comes complete with aluminium handle.