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A3 YELLOW is a high performance, polishing powder for compact calcium containing materials such as marble and limestone. Product removes dull etches, water marks and surface scratches while renewing the materials original gloss and unifying surface aspect. Application hardens the natural structure of the stone, therefore increasing resistance to general foot traffic.

  • Increases Resistance
  • Removes Dull spots
  • Lightens surface scratches Dependent on depth
  • Hardens the natural stone

Citra Clean Hard Floor Cleaner achieves exceptional results with this easy to use & highly effective ph Neutral hard surface cleaner with a zesty lemon fragrance. Ideal for cleaning all hard floors, walls, surface, and equipment Suitable for: Bolon, all vinyl, linoleum, rubber, lacquered wood, natural stone, terrazzo, ceramic & porcelain tiles.


  • Residue free finish
  • Lemon Fragrance
  • PH Neutral ( No unnecessary damage)
  • Suitable for walls, Hard Floors, And many other surfaces

Rejuvenata Active is a concentrated cleaner for natural stone for tiles, grout, polished marble, brick and other hard surfaces.

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  • Super Concentrate
  • Only 3 to 4 capfuls in a bucket of water required for regular mopping
  • Effective for heavy duty cleaning and stain removal (using a higher concentration)
  • For domestic and commercial cleaning, including in scrubbing machines.
  • Hyper-biodegradable – decomposes quickly into oxygen and natural minerals
  • Safe to transport and gentler on skin than traditional alkaline/caustic/solvent cleaners
  • Zero VOC

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Rejuvenata Spray


Rejuvenata is a gentle daily cleaner for natural and engineered stone countertops. It contains an invisible sealer to enhance protection and make surfaces easier to clean.

Typical application: Rejuvenata™ is ideal for daily cleaning of natural stone, engineered stone, lacquered timber, stainless steel, laminate and polished concrete countertops.


Benefits: The product contains invisible sealer to enhance protection and make surfaces easier to clean.


  • Gentle daily cleaner for natural stone / engineered stone countertops
  • Contains invisible sealer to enhance protection and make surfaces easier to clean
  • easy to use spray bottle.


Product available in twin packs or packs of five.

  • Features & Benefits
    Powers through stubborn grease and soils
    Safe on stone, will not etch
    Prepares surface for resealing
    Water-based alkaline formula
    Ready-to-use or concentrate formulas